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6-23-09: We have just launched the new article database system. Users can now submit their own articles and we will provide incentives to you in the form of nice polo shirts with our logo on them. I have also posted an article as an intro to pointers. Thank you everyone who has voted on our poll below. We will take everything to heart and start with those first.


Welcome to Open Source PIC!  This is our beta site and we are very excited about this project and bringing the open source community together.  If there is anything on here that you feel we have missed do not hesitate to email us at webmaster.


All of us at Open Source work full time and our resources limited. We don't want to work on a project if no one cares. We want to know what you guys/gals are looking for when you search for open source software. Let us know.

Future Projects

What direction do you want this website to take?

Communications - UART,SPI,CAN or I2C drivers
Wireless Communication
More File System Examples
Display drivers- Graphical, Character
Sound drivers - MP3 or WAV
Video drivers - NTSC drivers
C Programming examples/articles
Give me MORE PROJECTS(a little of everything)!

Current Results

This Site

This website is section in this way:

  1. Articles - Article relating to C programming, hardware and software of the PIC.
  2. Wiki - This is were users can post their own projects and source code.
  3. Downloads - This is a place were you can download code from us or if its already out there we will show you were.  If you have code that you want posted email us at webmaster.
  4. Forum - This is for an questions or colaborations for code or projects.  Also if you have a problem and need an answer post it here.
  5. Store - Here is a compiled list of all the books for the PIC microcontrollers.  In the future we will sell PCB's for projects we are working on.
  6. Links - These are other cites that you can learn something from.

Why this Site?

One of my pet peeves is writing a trivial piece of code, knowing that someone has already engineered it.  I think engineers waste so much time reinventing the wheel or spending extravagant amounts of money on things like RTOS's or communication code that is available for free.  We wanted to create a place where we can share code and compete in other realms ... say ACTUAL products.